The Feast of Schietti

The day of Easter in Terrasini uses an ancient tradition, “The Feast of Schietti,” the first evidence of the feast Schietti of them date back to around 1850 to 1860. By a committee composed of bachelors who cementing in the pull of a bitter orange (bitter orange) of approximately 50 kg.
The Festival begins on Saturday morning with the ritual cutting of the tree, on the occasion in the countryside takes place a tasting (the “handful”) with local products (cheese, olives, wine, fish “sardines” mutton ” Crasto “oranges etc..; During the afternoon the tree, festooned with colored ribbons and” ciancianeddi “, is brought to a Sicilian Cart and carried around the streets of the town accompanied by folk groups and by the band in the country. Sunday morning immediately after the Mass, the tree is blessed by the archpriest of the Mother Church, “Maria SS. delle Grazie” the party continues throughout the morning wandering the streets of the town and outspoken, bring the tree under the balcony of the “Zita” (girlfriend) to give a demonstration of their strength. Afternoon In the candid compete in an endurance race in Piazza Duomo, in the end will be awarded to the first three having scored more seconds. The festival ends with a show, always in Piazza Duomo, and fireworks at the waterfront.

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